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Sacred Tree of Life Tapestry

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Madisson Rose Boutique is proud to give you our Sacred Tree of Life Tapestry

The Tree of Life is a Universal Symbol found in many Spiritual Traditions.  It stands for many things, including wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty, and redemption.


The Tree is symbolic of the Creator as it sustains creation with its abundant fruit, protection and regeneration.  It also represents humans as we too develop roots, strengthen our trunk and branch out to a wider vision of life as we grow.  It provides shelter, it is tall and strong, it has deep roots, it reaches skyward, it loses its' leaves and it grows new ones, it bears fruit.  With nurture and care, it lives for generations.


The Tree of Life is associated with knowledge and wisdom.  If you’re seeking a symbol to remind you and keep you focused on your quest for awareness, knowledge and wisdom, the Tree Of Life will do just that.

With our Tree of Life inspired Tapestry Range, you can use it as a wall hanging, ceiling cover, bed cover, couch cover, picnic or beach throw, or even as a body wrap  One thing is for sure, with one of these pieces in your life, you will stay grounded and connected and life will be fruitful!

Get your piece today!  Share the love and get one for a friend or someone special…

Material:  100% Polyester

Technique:  Woven

Pattern:  As Shown

Size:  150cm x 130cm or 203cm x 153cm